Jeval Haircare

Jeval Haircare's mantra is blending technology with ecology, which highlights the company's focus on creating shampoos, conditioners, hair colours and styling products that offer superior benefits for your hair, without carcinogens such as sulphates and parabens. Natural botanical plant bases are incorporated in Jeval's hair colours, which offer a vibrant finish without damaging the hair follicle. Jeval Haircare has products to suit all hair types and can be purchased from Fusion Hair, Nail & Beauty.

GHD Straighteners, Brushes & Accessories

The revolution in hair styling, GHD straighteners and accessories are sought after for their innovative features and cutting edge designs. Renowned for their ergonomically designed, ceramic plated hair straighteners that offer fast and efficient styling benefits without damaging your hair, GHD have become an industry leader for styling equipment worldwide.


CND have built a reputation as the international authority on nail polish, nail art and seasonal trends. After introducing Shellac nail polish to salons internationally, it has become a household name based on its strength, durability and range of colours. CND have transformed the manicure and pedicure into a fashion statement with their range of nail products and accessories. Drop in to Fusion Hair, Nail & Beauty and explore the stunning selection of Shellac colours and designs today.

Clairol Professional Haircare

From customised colour through to hair treatments, shampoos, conditioners and styling products, Clairol Professional Haircare has been established in the haircare industry since 1931, pioneering superior haircare lines for all hair types. Clairol Professional has distinguished themselves in salons internationally for their versatile selection of hair colour solutions. Fusion Hair, Nail & Beauty use Clairol Professional Haircare treatments, shampoos, styling products, shampoos and colours in the salon for the great results they provide.

100% Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions have the same softness and glossy finish as your own hair, unlike the cheaper synthetic and animal hair alternatives. If your extensions are cared for using specially formulated products they can be attached to your hair multiple times, without losing condition. With inferior quality synthetic or animal hair extensions flooding the market, it is vital to buy 100% Human Hair Extensions through a salon such as Fusion Hair, Nail and Beauty for quality assurance. We offer high grade Remy hair extensions for a competitive price.